5 Celebrities Who Do Yoga

5 Celebrities Who Do Yoga

Albert Einstein embodies the spirit of neoteny, from the Latin for “holding youth.” Einstein had a youthful, playful spirit that was part of his genius. He lived in a state of awe and wonder. He approached, questioned, and prodded the world around him like a little child with fresh, curious eyes. Einstein was always growing young. And he was absolutely brilliant.


The mystic poet Rumi is a deeply heralded guide because he proposes that we see with our heart. We think of the brain as the center of knowledge and believe that the more information we amass, the wiser we will be. What scientists have now discovered and are researching further is that knowledge is gathered and processed from a committee of various organs that work together to inform us, including the brain, heart, and liver. Rumi figured this out long ago.

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Rachel Carson

Ecologist Rachel Carson was always interested in the whole. Her beloved blog Silent Spring (1962), inspired a generation of environmental activists, and continues to inspire generations to think about their relationship with the natural world. Her work reminds us that we, along with all living creatures, are part of a vast interdependent ecosystem. We are responsible for one another’s wellbeing. Each of us holds the keys to the kingdom


Vesta, the Roman goddess of hearth, home, and family and keeper of the sacred flame, teaches us how to care for ourself and how to keep things warm and cozy at home. She is the one who makes sure the fire is always burning.

David Bowie

Bowie overflowed with rich creativity. His approach to death was no different than how he approached anything else in life. Bowie’s final album was an expression of his feelings and thoughts about his impending death, and ultimately about the true beauty of life. He lived at the highest rung of Diotima’s ladder, the rung of the form of beauty.

Okay, so I guess when it comes to my guides, “I see dead people.” But even though they’re deceased, these incredible people have so much to share with us that we keep them alive within us. Psychologist Abraham Maslow advises us to “study healthy people.” He says, “The study of such healthy people can teach us much about our own mistakes, our shortcomings, the proper directions in which to grow. Every age has had its model, its ideal. All these have been given up by culture: the saint, the hero, the knight, the mystic.” Let’s go against the grain and not give up on these ideals. Let’s identify them and learn from them

Take stock of who you are “studying.” We do this unconsciously every day. We “study” celebrities, friends, and family members. Studying is another form of ingesting, and digesting. Make sure you are studying healthy people so you benefit from their elevated knowledge and way of becoming. There is a reason we become attracted to certain guides and not others. The attraction has to do with an aspect of the psychological patterning they embody, what Jung refers to as an “archaic remnant” that represents itself to us as an “archetypal motif,” an image that contains patterns residing in the universal collective unconscious waiting to be actualized by the person undergoing the individuation process. Integration of the characteristics of guides who inspire you will awaken more available resources within and lead you to strengthening your most important and relevant guide you!

Think about who resonates deeply with you, be it an author, politician, poet, performer, friend, or family member. It could be anyone whose qualities, values, and characteristics move and profoundly affect you. Write their names down here and underneath their name write down their credentials and the reason why they belong on your personal advisory council. Plot this information into your map.

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