Abs Exercise for Complete Fitness

Namaskar I’m david at and welcome to Anand over power yoga for abs Power Yoga is a complete body workout which improves your flexibility your strength your stamina and total fitness of your body Power Yoga for abs not only works on your abs it also works towards improving your own strength these set of practices will help you to train your tendinous inscription and external objects power yoga abs technique 16 you take the Surya Namaskar position one.

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Namaskar up and back look at the number scar and have wonderful backward bed then come to the hip hinge position then extend yourself forward. And come to the table top allow the hands to go down by the side of your feet from here when the legs rest your buttocks and lie down your back interlock the fingers keep the palms under your head when both the legs. And then drop the knees on one side without moving the knees upward keeping the legs position impact exhaling through mouth you start coming up and inhaling through moves you go down in exit through my up inhaling through those go down after doing this about 45 times you think that then you take the legs back to the center.

And drop it on the other side and same thing heart and down this practice has wonderful effect on your sides and last time up and down in the legs back release the hands sit up. And then stand with the head closer to the knees then come to the D belt off then hip Hinch in the back take the hands behind has a backward bed. And then come back namaskar position and relax you can start with 5 5 counts on both the sides then slowly with practice take it up to 10 10 counts you can even take it up to 20 counts you.

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