Acro Yoga Sitting on the Lotus Blossom

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga with super Dave for today’s pose I have a request from Instagram to do full Lotus on hand. So I’m just going to teach you the steps and getting into that safely we have two people here today I have Alice going to do the flying and Cecilia spotting. So I highly recommend you use a spotter for your first attempt at this pose. And then when you get more comfortable then you can do it on your own we also have a nice Big Mac so does have to fall she’ll be able to be see sorry all right.

Acro Yoga Sitting on the Lotus Blossom Photo Gallery

So I will go into full Lotus tricks. And this to have a stable position here Cecile is just going to stand off to the side. And just do some cage spotting doesn’t have to touch the flier just making sure that the flier doesn’t fall off so Alice steps up. So I’m gonna place my hat under her right thigh is that way she could sit. And then lift her leg up into half Lotus good then I’ll place my other hand.

And then she’ll start to lift the other leg up good. And just straighten out my arms for the finishing touch planning to get off she can unhook one leg places that on my shoulder or I can just let her down to the front okay. So that ends today’s post of a curio go it’s super day, if you have any requests please leave it in the comment section below tune in next time for our next acro yoga sequence or pose.

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