Acroyoga Bird To Reverse Star Transition Tutorial

Welcome to another post of a career with a super day today we’re going to learn a transition from a bird to reverse star I’ll give you two options and riding for that amount for my flyer Alice. And then Tiger is going to do this by the quick okay.

Acroyoga Bird To Reverse Star Transition Tutorial Photo Gallery

So we start off the bird we’re going to mount into her scar and hit one foot out. And then I think my butt off out the shoulders look at my head I have some fun draw back to the Alpha something pushed into okay so here our do it anything.

I tend to put out in a position where it hits are over our shoulders what she filled it is my hand just let’s look legs this is where I love the straight leg come back down gopher that awesome one it often two houses four legs together. And then I was like oh great courageous right from cheerleaders the plaque so she was there him up that was me saying a space to get my foot up I won’t forget my son on a children I push my handle educator picked over. And then I’ll set the straight up.

And then wait laughing bird we have fun with that tutorial there, if you have any suggestions for folding you want to work with comment on the post below until next time. But natural.

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