Acroyoga Cartwheel Pops Tutorial

Welcome to another post of acronym of super days today we’re going to play around with curtain will pop start off with some slow movements carpooling in and out for my flyer we have Alice.

Acroyoga Cartwheel Pops Tutorial Photo Gallery

And then based Sandra’s owner okay so starting off with noble metal carbonyls. Because we need to play around with the different position. So we do our pot. So the flyer zombies doing eating dumping here bases transferring the fire from one side to the other side okay looking playing around with that then we come into our cartwheel clock so house is going to come up halfway our head is twenty fours what is that real clock 3.43 o clock at her head Circle down for five o’clock then the next Enders can do the pop will show better mean.

And then pop like pop yes well then a hand looks at a ball that’s gonna start to go down for six o clock let’s better feel that she’s going to better knees and talk together okay let’s draw a few more time so notice how the spiral initiate the movement Alice’s given certain issues movement like dropping your head. And just going to feel that. And then pop your laundry and other stuff. So we enjoy those tips today and have fun playing with baton to the next time for a political tyranny.

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