Acroyoga Washing Machine Cork Screw

Welcome to another post of a curio go Super Dave today we’re going to cover a washing machine called corkscrew corkscrew tend to be or at least gives basis problems especially for basses with tighter hips. So we’re going to include tips for fliers and bass to make this movement more accessible and easier to complete okay we’re going to cover two types of cork screws one goes to bird the element goes to a folded leaf okay we’re gonna start off with burn. Because I feel like this is the more easier one to complete okay the first progression that we’re going to work on just to get the base a little bit more steady here with the little one foot off the shoulder we’re just gonna start to bend in here okay so one thing to keep in mind is wires your elbows are in towards each other base you want to make sure that the hearts are in not help here. Because then there’s no energy here I’m just going to bend the knee and press enter okay once you get comfortable with that then here how to practice spinning my foot now. So I’m going to spin my foot out.

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Because this is a hip I have to access right then leave with my feel my left toes point out this way now place the foot right on the hip. And then I lift back up I’m gonna practice spinning the foot at the same time bending the knee lifting up spinning the foot bending the knee okay help from here we’re gonna let each side star so as I bend my knee and I place my foot. And the Alice wants to continue to stack her hips going through side start. And then coming in to burn so she’s gonna drop her hips okay now we have to switch the hand we’re going to take the back hand reach it forward. And then switch your grip now we’re gonna switch this hand. And then we come back to side star. So I’m gonna turn my foot well she’s gonna stack her hips key here for basis is to bring the foot in more towards the left side. So you get closer to your left foot, if you keep it out here it’s gonna be harder to reach for the shoulder. So I’m gonna bring it in.

And then I bend my left knee notice my foot my foot is not flat to receive your shoulders so what I have to do is that have to lift my hips up slightly. So I can draw my foot under I’m gonna place my foot on the shoulders. And then use my back foot to guide her up as I lower my hips back to the ground. So that’s very important to access the shoulders. So once again I bend my knee HR my foot out I’m gonna place the foot she stacks her hips she comes ubered we switch her hand. So this is a back hat switch switch coming into side star I’m gonna move my right foot over to the left take my foot up now I’m gonna have to lift my hips a little. So I want to engage my core lift the hips and that way I can place the foot and look at my a my knees almost pointing out minutes that gives me maximum of flexibility to bend my knees for her to open up my hips coming down okay. So the next variation I’m going to show you guys is through folded leaf this skill will give me some more problems. Because the flier is lower down.

So In this case the flier really has to keep the arms in in order to give the basis some extra push in order to get that space to get other. So this time alice is going to maintain a position I do the same thing then place my foot place my other foot now the back hat we’re going to release first we switch the grip then we switch the grip just very similar to what we did before from here and take my foot. So the right foot comes more towards my left and I’ll lift my hips a little to place my clip on I lower my hips as I press her up once a game abandon each or my foot out that place my foot on my hip we switch the back hand first switch okay. And now I bring my right foot towards my left foot a little bit I lift the hip. So I can slide my foot under and I lift her all the way up so give those tips a try and make sure, if you’re practicing this for the first time that you use a spotter. Because this tends to go in many different ways so practice safely I know we don’t show spotting in the tutorials. But it’s vital that when you’re learning these skills that you have some ones. And you know make the flier. And the base feel safe okay tune in next time for our next acro yoga pose.

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