Being Fit and Well for Life

Being Fit and Well for Life

Your first attempts at making behavior changes may never go beyond the contemplation or preparation stage. Those that do may not all succeed. But as you experience some success, you’ll start to have more positive feelings about yourself. You may discover new physical activities and sports you enjoy, and you may encounter new situations and meet new people. Perhaps you’ll surprise yourself by accomplishing things you didn’t think were possible breaking a long-standing nicotine habit, competing in a race, climbing a mountain, or developing a leaner body. Most of all, you’ll discover the feeling of empowerment that comes from taking charge of your health. Being healthy takes effort, but the paybacks in energy and vitality are priceless.

Once you’ve started, don’t stop. Assume that health improvement is forever. Take on the easier problems first, and then use what you learn to tackle more difficult problems later. When you feel challenged, remind yourself that you are creating a lifestyle that minimizes your health risks and maximizes your enjoyment of life. You can take charge of your health in a dramatic and meaningful way. Fit and Well will show you how.

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Ask Yourself


Think about the last time you made an unhealthy choice instead of a healthy one. How could you have changed the situation, the people in the situation, or your own thoughts, feelings, or intentions to avoid making that choice? What can you do in similar situations in the future to produce a different outcome?

You are in charge of your health. Many of the decisions you make every day have an impact on the quality of your life, both now and in the future.


Go for a 15-minute walk.

Have a piece of fruit for a snack.

Call a friend and arrange for a time to catch up with each other.

Start thinking about whether you have a health behavior you’d like to change. If you do, consider the elements of a behavior change strategy. For example, begin a mental list of the pros and cons of the behavior, or talk to someone who can support you in your attempts to change.


Stay current on health and wellness news and issues.

Participate in health awareness and promotion campaigns in your community for example, support smoking restrictions in local venues.

Be a role model for someone else who is working on a health behavior you have successfully changed.

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