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Calling all girls who lift! If you’re fed up with suffering from scrapes and bruises when training with a barbell, the new sportswear brand Blue Elvin ( has a solution. Created specifi cally for women, its debut collection features a Sports Bra, £85, Leggings, £120, and Shin Sleeves, £55, with integrated impact panels that intelligently strengthen when subjected to force to protect collarbones and shins, so you get all the empowerment from weightlifting without the discomfort.

● When lifting heavy weights, choose trainers with a solid, fl at sole to distribute weight evenly through the feet and increase stability.

● If you don’t like wearing gloves, use chalk to dry out the moisture on your hands, improve your grip and prevent blisters.

● Wearing a mouthguard protects your teeth from the grinding that can come from heavy pulling, pushing and squatting.

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London-based boutique dance and fitness studio DAN’S (pronounced dance) has now launched its on-demand class service DAN’S At Home to help lift your spirits and bring the joy of Latin America to your home. You’ll find three types of workouts available: in the fun and fiery FITNESS classes you’ll learn cool new dance routines set to upbeat Reggaeton or Afrobeats music while burning up to 800 calories; in the SOUL classes you’ll focus on finding your feelgood with slower, more meditative dancing and yoga; and in SCHOOL, you’ll learn the steps, footwork and styling of popular dances such as salsa, bachata and tango. Start your dancefloor adventure with a seven-day free trial, and pay £11.99 a month thereafter;


Fantastic support is an essential requirement of any sports bra. But comfort comes a close second! That’s why we love the award winning Anita Active Air Control DeltaPad Sports Bra, £59, with its ergonomically shaped, curvy padded straps and super soft under bust band that will never cut into your skin. This maximum impact style also features an ultra-lightweight mesh for good ventilation and breathability, plus moulded cups (AA-H) for an attractive, non-squished breast shape. Available in a variety of new colours and prints, complete your look with a matching pair of the moisture-wicking Sport Tights, £64;

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