Best Water Exercises

Best Water Exercises


Meditation practice supported by the sound bowls will enhance body-mind-spirit harmony in unison with the core principles of the universe.2 How can we make the most of this wonderful realization and use it for health, well-being, and creative self-development?

The most beautiful and creative way would be to get a sound bowl and play it yourself, place it on your body, or feel its harmonious vibration in your aura. You can also experience the feel-good factor through a sound massage or a sound bath administered by somebody else. For most people, the easiest method is to make use of a CD.3 That way you can have a sound massage or a sound bath any time you wish in familiar and comfortable surroundings just by lying between the speakers of a stereo system In all of these methods, the body, mind, and spirit react immediately in harmony with the sounds; and the high percentage of water in our body starts to form beautiful crystalline structures.

I’ve also experimented with another method, which I use regularly because it has a very positive effect on me. I place a glass bottle of good spring water directly into a sound bowl (I recommend that you place a piece of cloth underneath the bottle so that no discord arises between the metal and glass), and I let the water absorb the vibrations for a few minutes. I choose a specific planetary sound according to whether I wish to go on a journey of self-discovery or initiate a healing process. Afterward, the water tastes softer and full of energy and, above all, absorbs the strength of the planet. I’ve experienced lovely results with these “planet essences.” Their effect is similar to the Bach flower remedies they’re gentle yet powerful transformational tools and can be combined with other essences.

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If you don’t have a sound bowl at home, you can place the bottle of water between a stereo’s speakers and let it absorb the vibrations. The CD Chakra Sounds features all 13 sounds of the solar planets and gives clear instruction as to how to manufacture your own planet essences.

Let’s conclude by looking at water as an “information warehouse.” When we drink water, we don’t just take in fluids, but also the vibrations of life and nature, because water stores information throughout its infinite cycle. Spring water that’s healthy contains “memories” of the leaves and blossoms on which it fell as rain, of the minerals and stones that it trickled through. It contains the vibration of the wind, the sea, the sun, and potentially the whole Earth’s ecosystem It reminds us of our origin and our evolution from a one-cell organism to a full-fledged human being.

Unfortunately, this is no longer true of tap water in most big cities. Because of various chemical treatments and the pressure inside the faucets, the water seems to lose its strength and information. Also, in recent times, more and more cell-phone transmitters have been erected on top of water towers and tanks. These have completely destroyed water’s crystal structure, and the fluid has taken on artificial frequencies that are totally lacking in creativity. Luckily, however, thoughts and words such as love and gratitude have the power to neutralize those vibrations and “resuscitate” water’s original attributes [see Chapter 7].

I’ve experimented with different methods: For example, sometimes I play nature sounds to tap water (rain, birds, the sound of rippling streams, and so forth) and then put the water in a jug with crystals (such as amethyst or rose quartz). Then I place the jug on a picture of a natural landscapebe it mountains, sea, or forest to restore to this “sad” water its original information and vitality. The CD Sacred Healing Waters is ideal for this purpose, because water’s journey from rain to spring to river to sea is set to music played on sound bowls, gongs, and bamboo flutes, which are mainly tuned to the sounds of the moon, the sun, Earth, and Venus.

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