Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga is the mystical path of personal devotion, and it relates well to emotional expression. Its aim is to open the heart by selfless love and devotion. The heart is bhakti yoga’s focus. Through the heart, bhakti achieves unity with the Divine.

The term bhakti means “to serve the Divine.” In bhakti a union with the Divine occurs through prayer, worship, and ritual. It is achieved by love alone, love not of a person but of a higher power. Bhakti places devotion to the Divine above all intellectual or material concerns in the world. The bhakti yogini acts out of conviction and is completely devoted to God. Enlightenment for a bhakti yogini is through selfless love and devotion to the Divine.


An introduction to tantra yoga can be found at the Abhidhyan Yoga Institute web site. This page offers advice, recommended readings, and information on training sessions and lectures.

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