Bike Riding For Weight Loss Tips

Bike Riding For Weight Loss Tips


Sure, we could eat a million friesbut why? They’re so superloaded with energy (calories), we don’t need a whole bagful. Share an order. Construct a little ketchup-dipping station and sidle up with a friend.

Milk shake? Ask for an extra cup and split it.

Deep-fried chicken strips or nuggets? A few will do. Let others poach. Pass them around.


Americans are famous for our Texas-size portions (big). But listen up, pardner: SUPERSIZING

Godzilla-size soft drinks, jumbo fries, and burgers stacked one on top of another, topped with cheese and bacon, are fast-food meals that provide a level of energy you just don’t require on an everyday basis.

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Ads on TV make it seem like we can and should eat these day in, day out for our whole lives and not suffer harmful results or consequences, but that’s not true.

If you eat fast food often, self-regulate on portion size.

Like burgers? Have a regular burger, a regular order of fries, and a small soft drink. Still thirsty?

Drink water.


For many people, routine, daily soda intake results in pounds of unnecessary weight gain every year.

How much sugar is in soda?

Regular size (20 ounces): 16 teaspoons

King size (32 ounces): 27 teaspoons

Supersize (42 ounces): 35 teaspoons

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