Child Pose Yoga Benefits

Child Pose Yoga Benefits

The Wood Element Meridians

Wood is directly associated with the Liver and Gallbladder organs and meridians. The following pictures and descriptions explore these meridians in further detail.

Liver Meridian

The liver channel begins at the inside of the big toe and travels up the inside of the foot, ankle and leg until it reaches the groin area. It then circulates around the sexual organs and travels up to connect with the liver and gallbladder where it then penetrates deep inside the body. Once it connects up with the liver and gallbladder it travels up to the lungs, mouth and splits into 2 branches to meet the eyes. The two branches then re-join in the forehead area and move inside to the back of the head.

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Gallbladder Meridian

This channel is one of the biggest channels in the body. It begins as two branches that emerge from the outer corners of the eye. An external branch weaves around the face, ear and the side of the head before descending down the side of the body. The other branch crosses the cheek and descends internally to connect with the gallbladder and meet up with the external branch. The branches meet up on the outside of the hip and then the channel travels down the lateral side of the leg, ankle and travels to the tip of the fourth toe. A small branch separates in the fourth toes and travels across to the big toe where it connects with the liver meridian.

Muscles Associated with the Liver

The liver organ and meridian only have two main muscles that are associated with it. Both are involved in the movement and function of the shoulders.

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