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Modernist yoga discourses in the West – after World War II

These new yoga sympathisers – interactors – framed by post-war conditions accordingly imbued the yoga sign with new meaning. A momentous new force in this process was Western urban women, who primarily encountered yoga through the new mass media. Women, who in India mostly had been excluded from yoga, took up yoga in great numbers and began to transform it. For the women of new affluent Western middle class – many of them housewives – yoga found strong resonance. Soon at evening classes in Western metropolises, yoga was taught by women for women. But as we soon shall see this was a rather different bodily oriented style of yoga.

In order to be spiritual friends, you have to be open to each other Being open is not being dependent on others, which blocks their openness.Dolphin Plank Pose Yoga In other words, the sangha does not create a situation of claustrophobia for each person in it. If somebody falls, you still stand independently; because you are not Dolphin Plank Pose Yoga leaning on the other person, you don’t fall.

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