Down Dog Yoga Pose

Down Dog Yoga Pose

I was wondering if you could recommend any exercises for improving my digestion. I’m 39 and generally in good health. I recently started practising yoga twice a week at home and I intend to join a class in the future. Tony

You can try practising Vajrasana (Diamond pose) which can help the digestion if practised after eating.

How to perform

Sit down on bent knees, placing the heels of your feet on the sides of your buttocks near the anus.

Arms should be stretched and hands placed on your knees. Sit up straight with your head looking forward.

Inhale and exhale as normal.

You can hold the position for as long as you want, but ideally aim to hold for at least 3 minutes. Practise this asana regularly – at least twice a week – and you will feel the benefits after a few weeks.

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Naturally we don’t really have to watch the breath all day. It happens all by itself. Inhale and exhale. Diaphragm moves up and down. Amazing right7 If we watch the breath all day. then we wouldn’t think about all the other things that are important in life or silly little things that get in the way of breathing

The reason why yoga works for me is because I spend the 89 89% of a 60-90 minute practice watching the breath in a movement meditation. The other 11.111% of the time, my mind wanders off and takes a tnp into the past or thinks about future stuff.

Performing a yoga posture suddenly becomes a struggle, because I lost the breath.

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