Easy and Simple Yoga Exercise for COUPLES

Emma Skye I am livid at welcome to earn and yoga kappa yoga kappa yoga or parklands yoga is a wonderful name reconnect with each other it also helps you to have closeness in the relationship you will find two different types of we use in the set in some posts you both will be performing one asset together or in some posts one partner is performing in arson. And the other partner is supporting just try this out and feel the difference in your body as well as your relationships sheyla bossun a wonderful way to increase the stretch instra Labasa through couple yoga or partner yoga in this one partner is lying down on the abdominal when Palmer over the other keeping the strain on it but, if she has to do it alone to see how much legs she lifts up.

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So, if she is doing alone this is how she will do the syllabus on taking both the legs after our relax I just feel the difference when you do it with your partner we’re in the partner helps you take the legs put the legs Bend.

So that the way doesn’t go on your back and slowly just lift it just you feel the difference in the height. So that the back is getting benefit is getting more stretch. But abdomens getting more pressure just be you the other partner is enjoying the stretch and whenever she tells you to release you can slowly drop the leg down and let I enjoy the benefit you can also do other shallow basin that is raising one one leg up, if you want.

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