Easy Yoga For Pregnant Woman

I’m Oscar I am David odde welcome to island yoga yoga for pregnancy this set of arsons and pranayams will help you to relax your body and calm down your mind it is very important during your pregnancy this practices will make your muscles flexible and toned them. And also will help you to reduce the labor pain the best part of you guys you need not go anywhere you can just do it at your home or throughout your pregnancy.

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But the Asana a wonderful practice to improve the blood supply towards your pelvic region it helps you dream through the health of your hip joint. And it also helps you to reduce the labor pain to go in this arson you’re using the bricks as a support, if you don’t have a bricks you can use just normal pillows as a support the legs are in front you are supporting your back with your hands behind now either you bend one one leg together or bend both the legs together in such a way that the feet the soles are touching each other. And then you rest your legs on the bricks or the pillows that you have now close your eyes.

And just enjoy this wonderful Arsene be aware of the breathing coming in going out this practice improves the blood supply towards your lower abdomen wonderful practice for your lower back also and remember your just maintaining as for your capacity never exert yourself and always see that the breathing is normal you don’t hold the breath anywhere in any posture. And then when you feel like coming out open your eyes and allow the legs to go forward. And then you relax. And just enjoy the effect of this practice on your whole body.

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