Easy Yoga Stretches for Instant Shoulder Pain Relief

Hi my name is Asha.

And I’m a yoga instructor I’m going to show you some easy options you can do to open up the shoulders bringing the back allow the neck to lengthen and relax and let all that uncomfortability just ease away bring the palms down and lie the belly onto the mat fingers underneath the shoulders palms press down into the ground and legs are nice and long inhale start to lift the chest off of the ground keep the abdomen glued to the ground. And the elbows squeeze into the side of the body pushing into the palms just enough to lift the chest you should already feel a really nice stretch on the upper back.

Easy Yoga Stretches for Instant Shoulder Pain Relief Photo Gallery

And then slowly release bring the palms together behind the back squeeze the palms together squeeze the elbows feel the shoulder blades coming together inhale and release you can repeat that maybe three to five times inhale as you lift up exhale as you come down. And then. And this nice session just come back into an childhood I hope you’re feeling better already to watch more posts on how yoga can help you feel so great in your own body all you have to do is subscribe to the blog right here I hope to see you later take care bye.

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