Effective Hamstring Stretches To Gain Flexibility and Prevent Injuries

Hi my name is Asha. And I’m a yoga instructor today we’re gonna focus on something that yoga is very famous for flexibility we’re gonna do some hamstring stretches and use the help of this belt, if you don’t have a belt you can use a strap or a towel or something long. So you can hold the two ends. So let’s begin come to lie your back onto the mat take your belt pull it onto two ends of the mat you can double fold the belt or a single folded place the sole of the foot onto the belt.

And then begin to straighten the leg flexing the foot and pointing the toes towards the head, if you can very easily straighten the leg then allow the left leg to straighten as well, if it’s very difficult. And you can struggling to straighten the leg. And you can only move it about up to here then it’ll be easier for you to bend the left leg and allow the right leg to move closer towards the head without too much struggle holding on to the side of the belt two sides you’re gonna gently begin to pull the belt allowing the foot to come closer towards the head take both ends of the belt into the right hand.

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And then we’re going to open out the foot to the side, if you’re keeping your left leg bent you can allow the left knee to also open out to the opposite side this gives you a nice hip stretch as well, if the left leg is straight then place your left palm on to the left hip bones to secure the bone towards the ground you don’t want the hips popping up and slowly come back up switching hands and over to the other side it’s a beautiful stretch all sides of the make and slowly back to Center you bend the knee place the belt onto the other leg pulling onto the two sides straight on the right legs, if you can already reach the toes then place the index finger middle finger and thumb around the big toes keep pulling the toe towards the head.

And then gently opening out to the side make sure that right hip bone is down towards the ground stop popping up keeping the left foot still flexed is it all the way back up right palm on to the outside of the left foot. And then pull the leg down very chest slowly release and relax down it takes time to increase flexibility in the body so be patient with yourself and most of all enjoy us I hope to see you again here on the map all you have to do is subscribe and I’ll see you then take care and bye.

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