Foundations of Meditation

Welcome to the Rooney Agha you’ve decided to meditate congratulations good step towards finding happiness what do you do meditation is really simple it’s a practice of sitting still and not doing much really doing nothing it’s not easy to do nothing. So the basic structure of meditation is sitting in a comfortable position it could be cross-legged anyway really that works for you it’s not that crucial. But make sure you’re not leaning on anything a wall or a chair you’re just sitting tall. And then in Zen tradition we take the right hand on the bottom left hand on top thumbs like me touching that’s uncomfortable you can take any other position it’s really important to keep the spine tall and their shoulders relaxed so apart from lengthening in the spine most of the body is just relaxing the eyes are going to be lowered down at about 45 degrees towards the floor almost closed really the eyelashes can be pretty much closed.

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But have some light come in. So that your present. So that you don’t drop into dream state. And then last just make sure that you’re breathing the practice can be simply counting the breath inhale of one and exhale two inhale three exhale for there’s no need to try and control the breath just watch the breath watch the breath in the belly area as it fills up and as it empties, if you can count to 10 wonderful start again count 1, if you’ve counted 22. And you found that your mind drifted away that you no longer know where your account was no big deal give yourself a hint of a smile. And then go back to one it’s not a problem to go back to 1,000 or more please don’t make it worse by beating yourself up for the fact that you can’t count to ten it’s okay with practice it’ll get there one other option is, if this seating is not comfortable like cross-legged you can see it on a chair just again don’t lean back or you can take the legs in what we call Savea or hero. And you can sit turning your cushion a little higher and you’ll be able to sit taller either way make sure that there’s some padding for the legs that your ceiling sitting high enough. Because when you sit tall enough it’s easier on the back easier on the knees and what may seem comfortable in the first two minutes sometimes get a bit gets a bit uncomfortable after a while after 10 or 15 minutes it so give yourself a chance try out City try for two minutes maybe the first time five minutes overtime increase it, if you can best is to start with a group of fellow practitioners it really helps to have support thank you and enjoy.

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