General Level 4 Yoga Advance Leg Stretch

Namaskar and David at and welcome to Anand over yoga for osteoarthritis of ankles osteoarthritis of anchors reduces the range of movement of the ankles there is swelling in the ankles and most of the time there is pain in the ankles this set of Awesome’s will help you prevent your ankles from having osteoarthritis, if osteoarthritis is detected early it will also help you to cure the osteoarthritis please do this set of arsons as per your capacity soup the Padang Gustafsson this arson will not only help you to improve the flexibility of your leg muscles. But also of your ankles so to go in this arson Wendel left leg bring it closer to the abdomen catch the big toe of the left leg with the left hand with the fingers straighten the leg up first take a deep breath.

General Level 4 Yoga Advance Leg Stretch Photo Gallery

And exhaling keeping the leg straight you start by dropping it on the left side close your eyes. And enjoy this wonderful stretch for the leg as well as for the ankle the other leg is kept straight and active you maintain as per your capacity then when you feel like coming out open your eyes slowly start bringing the leg back in front straight keeping the leg straight then bend the leg release the grip and slowly drop the leg down you do the same thing on the other side, if you want to learn it how to do it with the rope please watch yoga with props.

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