General Level 4 Yoga Advanced Splits

Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor general yoga level for gender ANOVA level 4 is a yoga pose for advanced practitioners you forced two different forward bending backward bending lateral bending from the level one two and three. And then try out this course to barista kon Asana to go in this awesome you’re sitting with the back erect legs press to the front now slowly start spreading both the legs as much wide as possible keeping the back erect keep the toes inside stretch them in and pointing up now slowly start stretching forward keeping your hands in front and once you go full down you take the hands towards the toes keep the toes pointing up close your eyes enjoy this wonderful stretch for the legs for the groin for your pelvic region.

General Level 4 Yoga Advanced Splits Photo Gallery

And then when you feel like coming out after maintaining ask for your capacity again take the hands closer and slowly come up this is the first stage of the forest upon arson then you twist yourself on one side keeping the leg correct stretch and try to catch the toes and go down drop the head down see that your head toes are not going down. But it maintain the leg position low leg is getting bent keep breathing enjoy this wonderful stretch for the legs or the back for the sides. And then again come back slowly straighten your back and twist on the other side take it you’re not inhale and exhaling stretch keep the leg position intact very good enjoy this wonderful awesome this awesome especially beneficial for the women who are having different menstrual problems.

And then slowly face up. And come back straighten your back knees the legs. And this relax. And enjoy the effect of the salsa.

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