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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor general yoga level for general anova level four is a yoga pose for advanced practitioners you forced two different forward bending backward bending lateral bending from the level one two and three. And then try out this course Karuna Pedersen this is an advanced stage of philosophy to go in this Arsen we line down on the back with the feet knees closer to each other hands closer to your body very slowly start taking both the legs up take a deep breath in and exhaling take the half legs towards your head on the ground and after dropping the toes stretch your toes away from you interlock the fingers drop the hands down this is Alison to go in Kiruna Pedersen you move one step further in this awesome wherein you slowly bend both the legs together or one one leg at a time.

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And try to bring the knee closer to the yoke and rest it on the ground both the knees are closer to the year some distance in the feet now close your eyes just enjoy this effect it increases the stretch move or it has more stretched than the hal Asana the effect on your thyroid gland. And the parathyroid gland are also no this enjoy this wonderful Assam with the breathing our concentration on the breathing either by countering it or feeling it then you feel like coming out very slowly again moves back to colossal by straightening the legs release the grip of the hands very slowly as you’re resting the back down start taking the legs up. So It’s perpendicular to the ground and with control allow them to drop down don’t just flying the legs and relax. And enjoy the effect of this awesome you.

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