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Namaskar I’m Davey that and welcome to onondaga general yoga level for general yoga level food is a yoga pose for advanced practitioners you forced two different forward bending backward bending lateral bending from the level one two and three.

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And then try out this course Sarwan ghazal this is known as the queen of the awesome for a various benefit it can provide to go in this awesome you are lying down on the back with the legs closer to each other hands closer to your body with the support of the abdominal muscles start raising both the legs up. And then push them towards the head the tools are not touching the ground.

But they’re pushed away from your body then support the back with the hands and after supporting slowly start raising both the legs out in such a way that the toes. And your shoulders are in one line the body is in one line you close your eyes. And enjoy this wonderful awesome the inverted position helps the blood flow towards the upper body to the health of your eyes your brain removes your yours for thyroid gland parathyroid gland improves the health of the abdominal organs also improved the heart relaxes. Because of the inverted position then when you feel like coming out you open your eyes slowly drop the legs back with not touching the ground release the hands very slowly resting the back you straighten the legs and they drop the legs down. And just relax. And enjoy the wonderful effects of this arson on your body.

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