Gomukhasana Pose Yoga

Born Prince Siddhartha, the Buddha escaped his palatial luxury and fled to the outside world, where he was confronted with the decay of old age, the agony of sickness, and the finality of death.Gomukhasana Pose Yoga He realized that his own life had been based upon illusions, and so he set out to discover the deeper meanings in human existence. He spent many years subjugating his body to enable his soul to transcend the physical world.

Gomukhasana Pose Yoga Yet the path of self-mortifica-tion did not lead to the true wisdom he desired” Jane Hope, The Secret Language of the Soul, p. 28. He eventually came to rest under the Bodhi Tree, determined to stay and meditate until he reached true understanding. Reflecting upon the wheel oflife, or Samsara the notion of cyclical time and rebirth Siddhartha came to realize that present yoga are: Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Raja Yoga, which were briefly mentioned earlier on. Each is suited to a different temperament or approach to life, in order to appeal to everyone.

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