How To Digest Food with Easy Yoga Exercises

Emma Skye I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems question Madonna’s on this Asin not only helps you to stretch your back side of the body. But it should not forget that it also helps you for the abdominal problems here the abdomen is pressed inside when you stretch forward which allows the blood supply in the abdominal organs to improve to go in question with Arneson bring both the legs in front closer to each other hands by the side of your body back erect now place your palms on your thighs take a deep breath in and raise the chin up.

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And then exhaling start stretching your hands as well as your back forward towards the toes you catch the toe be the wire then take a deep breath in and exhaling stretch down and try to bring the head closer to the knee eyes are closed just see that your legs are not bad enjoy this wonderful stretch for your back your legs at the same time be aware of the pressure on the abdomen as today you are doing this for the abdominal related problem so bring your consciousness. And the abdominal to come out slowly raise the head up release the grip of the hand and slowly straighten your body and relax the legs.

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