How To Do Bandhas For Better Posture

Welcome to their own yoga they I want to talk about Bundys Bundys energy locks are very very important in our Asana practice and in our life in general I try to use my fondest around my day when I’m driving walking sitting vonda’s we’ll talk about two today the mula bandha the roots. And the woody on abanda the belly with mula bandha is the pelvic floor lift it’s pretty much between the anus. And the genitals there’s a feeling of lifting this would be mostly true for men so not the squeezing. But rather a slight lift almost like a hammock between the two sitting rooms for women it’s the same.

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But just a little higher up at the end of the service a little bit of a lift there’s different varieties of them the full one. And just a part way most of the time we’re just going to do part way lift to help us be steady to help protect since certain parts of the body like the spine and to help us to stabilize mula bandha again I’m gonna create a lift right now and as I’m creating the mula bandha lift you can see that my belly has already shifted they’re very interconnected so by doing the mula bandha I am almost automatically doing a bit of booty on abundant the hoodie on Abunda is the pit of the belly end and a bit about betta, if I’m standing just normal my normal stance not very slumping. But not doing find us this is what it looks like, if I am doing my Bundys pelvic floor lift belly lift.

I feel taller I feel steadier I can still breathe even through my belly. And the chest. But it just feels a lot stronger and especially in the spine this is no bun duct. And this is a little bit pelvic tilt a little bit of the lift in the bell in their pelvic floor belly lift. And then relaxing the shoulders another way to kind of find it is by breathing into the space between the shoulder blades no Bundys you’re gonna take a big inhale and as I breathe up into the space between the shoulder blades it almost automatically creates this lift you can notice this when you’re walking you’re gonna walk with the bandha. And you can walk without the bandha. So we’ll try to keep the bunda it works as well when you’re sitting in front of your computer or driving your car one more thing this we don’t normally hold to the full extent when we’re doing a practice. But woody on Abunda that lifts up the flying up Fonda energy lock energy activation happens we can do a full one. And it’s just really great to kind of massage the internal organs I’ll show it it happens with a full exhalation when I have no more air in the body I’m gonna suck my belly in and up creating almost a little bit of a vacuum and hold it for a few moments so obviously not breaths.

Because there won’t be a breath. And then when it feels a little stressful strenuous or just after a few moments maybe a count of five releasing the belly and inhale the way I like to do it is to bend a little bit I find that by doing this and even looking down at the belly I can see more of what’s happening. And it makes it a little easier to control and to actually get the full booty on Ibaka. So I’ll exhale the very end of the exhale talking a little more out release tickety practice one more time from here exhale all the way when you do do your regular routine Abunda in your practice make sure it’s not full. So that you can still breathe you get in a simple place to notice it is Tad Asana just standing tall in Mountain Pose. And then activating Bundys relaxing shoulders it just feels already like the whole yoga practice have started and ended in this one pose when we do it correctly may you use your bondas frequently thank you.

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