How to Do the Bhujapid Asana

Welcome to drone yoga welcome Vanessa thanks for joining us today we look at gujja Pederson at the arms easing posts it’s supposed in the primary series of the Ashtanga vinyasa system though it’s in the primary series it’s anything. But primary it’s one of the most challenging poses out there in a lot of people struggle with it I’ll show explain a little bit about what it is. And then we’ll try it out with Vanessa and see what we can learn the little tricks of how to make it work the I’m squeezing cuz normally we come from downward dog we come in we’re working on getting the arms behind the feet some of us can’t do that and need to lift the heels in order to bring the hands down some of us can lower the hands down and keep the heels down either way my work is to try and get the legs a little higher up onto my arm. So I’m gonna try and wrap the shoulder a little bit under to get a little higher up then it’ll be easier for the next step at this point I’m moving my hips back. But I’m keeping my chest. And head forward otherwise I’d be crashing onto my button once them up. And this is really a balance of lowering the hips keeping the chest up I’m gonna cross the legs right over the left. And I’m gonna keep my heart as open as I can here’s the tricky part we need to move the legs back. And the head forward in order to come to the place where we can shift weight to come down.

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So I’m going to start to take the legs back and at the same time head and chest forward in order not to collapse down I’m keeping my chest open. So I can make it back I’m pointing my toes. And then I’m slowly starting to lower my head down there’s the variation of chin down Leslie head down today I’m squeezing my eyes to have space for my feet I’m breathing for a few breaths maybe five breath. And then to come up. And then express my arms too long in order to lift my head off the ground I have to shift my weight. So you can see my hips are leading back in order to lift their head up such like a swing I need to move it’s bad for the head to come down I need to lower the hips to come up. And then the exit Nestle will show us a better way we’re gonna do the TT basta not to crowd and back. But we’ll look at this technicality of understanding the shifting of the weight forward and back there you give it a try yeah we’re gonna start right thinking to Anthony tonight you can see how beautiful Venus is already working on getting really deep with the arms.

So that the legs are high up on the arms close as possible to the shoulders not so easy. But we’re really working on that. And then she’s starting to lower the hips down and a certain point the legs come up the moment the feet come up she’s not going to drop her hips more. But blocked her Bundys her energy centers her belly lifts her pelvic floor to stay up tricky part here we go keeping the chest open she starts leaning the feet back. And the head comes down pointing the toes to create space and slowly the head comes down to the ground perfection the legs as much as possible maybe they lift off the ground maybe not we’re doing our best. And then to come back up so again the hips will go back away from the head and as soon as the weight goes into the hips the chest. And head have to open up pressing the arms pressing yards and reaching the feet forward you got it you got it good straightening the legs as much as possible for TT Barcena taking the legs via hide for propos and shooting back chaturanga dand Asana awesome as you can see the hardest part was lifting back up. And it’s kind of challenging so thanks for that Vanessa when we’re doing it really it’s about taking the hips down and at the same time constantly remembering that the moment the head is lifting off the ground you have to open the chest so one last time went on here. And I’m lifting my head up the moment the head lifts. And the hip start to drunk I’m opening my chest otherwise I would collapse down.

So I’m really keeping the heart open then from here to take the legs out they don’t really want to go out. So I have to kind of work on either dropping the hips for straight leg straight arm GT busting up or lifting the hips up, if that’s the other variation as they go back I can even trick a little bit do a little lift up to come a little higher to micro and my head and chest shoot forward just that let’s go back do this with a teacher. But now you know their little details of tricks and really remember it’s a lot about shifting the weight pet forward to bounce the weight of the hips and vice versa thank you thank you thank you guys for reading fantastic you.

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