How to Do the Free Hand Headstand Sirs Asana C

Welcome everybody welcome to Toronto yoga today we’ll learn a new headstand look the hostage four shots about three hands that’s the answer as the name applies it’s a little bit more challenging we’ll have their hands in a position it’s maybe not so easy do not attempt this unless you have a really good regular hits head as you can see I’m setting up my arms and I am really pressing the back of the hands down to the ground.

How to Do the Free Hand Headstand Sirs Asana C Photo Gallery

So that activates the shoulders. And the back walking the feet as close as possible. So that their hips go up and over the shoulders once the hips are far enough over the shoulders the legs will start to come up pretty easily. But again you’ll need to move their hips the legs will go way up there years and right activating your bongos to keep you steady and keep pressing the hands now and of course spring to come down you can lower you can lower part way even though we’re slowly or what I’m gonna do here is the extended version right I just switched my hands to tripod headstand.

And then let the legs drop down it’s a little more dramatic of a fall you can do the same thing with like taking their likes them to cheek. And then down and I’ll show it one more time this time I’ll come down slowly a little more human-friendly way Hey again hips move a little further than the shoulders. So that the legs can come up really pressing the hands down legs up and breathing you can see the belly is moving and stay strong stay powerful keep reaching up. And then slowly slowly coming down feet lower down knees down taking some Child’s Pose by Alhassan I really get this one good before we move on cuz we’re gonna film low in the whole seven head stance of the Ashtanga ii series thanks everybody pleasure as always keep practicing and C’s namaste.

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