How to Do Warrior One Pose Virabhadr Asana

Welcome to the right yoga today I’d like to talk about warrior one meet up with us and a puppy warrior one it’s a beautiful pose and a powerful pose that uses a lot of the body both strength and flexibility we’ll go and observe the body and what the best way to do it we’ll start with the legs with the feet I’ll start with the right foot and all we’re gonna look at one side you can then do the same on the other side my right foot facing forward my back foot in this case the left foot turning in about 45 degrees either heel to heel or the heel can be slightly more to it instep of the back foot my right knee is gonna bend towards 90 degrees make sure you never go beyond 90 degrees that will put too much pressure on your right knee. But up to 90 degrees, if you ever feel like you’re going too far forward just scoot and increase the distance between the foot between the feet I’m gonna bend towards 90 degree I’m gonna press strong into the back leg. So, if the knee is bending try to straighten it. And I’m gonna have my left hip rotates in and forward preparation pose for this would be with the left heel up in the Crescent lunge pose, if available work on having the back heel down and with the hands on the hips easier to do with a straight leg work on squaring the hips forward do not worry, if it doesn’t happen it takes practice working on getting the hips forward locking them in place by lifting the belly. And the pelvic floor are vonda’s.

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And then keeping them at the hip square we’re gonna bend the right knee back to the 90 degrees now that I have my leg set and I can feel my back leg working very strong my back foot I’m pressing into the outer edge into the faraway edge of the foot. So It doesn’t collapse in I’m pressing into the outer edge keeping the hips square I’m going to start to find the torso I’m gonna lengthen in my spine open the chest. But as soon as I feel my ribs puffing up I’m gonna breathe into the space between my shoulder blades to keep the ribs down lengthening keeping the ribs down readjusting the rest of the body once we have the legs. And the torso we can add the grand finale the arms the arms will come up the shoulders will rotate in there’s going to be a lot of energy. So we’re going to take the arms up with a chukka finding the power in the arms and yet. Because the shoulders are rotating in there’s gonna be space for the neck eventually arms straight up maybe gaze up maybe gaze down, if you can keep the arms straight work on bringing the palms together gaze up, if it’s hard keep the arms apart warrior 1 thank you.

How To Do Yoga For Digestive System

Emma Skye I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems Walker Asana Bhakra in sanskrit means to twist in this awesome gently twisting your back your spine it should also squeeze your abdomen and give a massage to the abdominal organs to go in Macross on sit with the legs in front hands closer to the body back erect when the right leg says that the feet is by the side of the left knee now push the right leg with the right hand and catch it with the left hand in such a bed in such a way that the elbow is closer to the need now take the right hand up by the side of the body line of fish well don’t we take a deep breath in over yo and exhaling slowly start turning the right hand towards the back wherever you reach drop the hand down slightly closer to the body turn the face eyes closed keep breathing be aware of the twist be aware of the effect on the abdomen. And the breathing with slow and deep when you want to come out just take the right hand slowly in front and turn the face release the right leg. And just relax.

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