How To Do YOGA With Props

Namaskar I’m david at and welcome to anand yoga yoga with props yoga props includes any object which will help you to stretch the balance to increase the maintaining capacity and to improve the overall awesome yoga props include chairs bricks blankets mats vol support table support and many more you can form your own course from the set of the arsons that I’m showing you with theta pasture kon Asana in this post.

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You will learn how to do this practice with the help of a wall. And the break so to go in this arson you spread the legs about three and a half to four feet distance in such a way that one feet the side of the feet is touching the wall and both the feet add one line now the feet which is free that is right side the style turns on the right side keep the left hand on the hip right hand a stretch at the shoulder level now bend the right leg in such a way that the hamstring. And the calf form a 90-degree a right angle keeping the break by the side of the feet behind the feet take a deep breath.

And exhaling stretch yourself down and go take the palm towards the brick and catch the brick with the left hand you can open out the pelvic region the chest. And then take the left hand up closer to the you turn the face slightly upside. And enjoy the vault support helps you for a wonderful grip your leg will not slide keep breathing normal enjoy this wonderful stretch for the back leg the pressure on the front leg building the muscles of the leg helping you to improve the health of leg joints the ankles the knees the hips expansion of the chest improving the lung capacity then when you feel like coming out take the face normal take the hand back first on the hip the left hand without disturbing the leg position slowly bring the hand up sweet on the leg bring the hand down please the feet and bring the feet closer and relax take your time of course when you’re doing this practice you can use the height of the break as per your convenience either like this or like this or like this take proper rest enjoy the effects.

And then do it with the other side this time the other leg are the feet touching the wall.

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