How To Get A Flat Belly

Namaskar I’m David at and welcome to an endeavor Power Yoga for abs Power Yoga is a complete body workout which improves your flexibility your strength your stamina and total fitness of your body Power Yoga for abs not only works on your abs it also works towards improving your core strength these set of practices will help you to train your tendinous inscription and external obliques power yoga abs technique knife a wonderful practice Delap your core strength to go in this practice.

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You are standing in Surya Namaskar position one in the mask our position very slowly take the hands up and back look at the Namaskar then come to the hip hinge position this is hip hinge position and stretch your hands in front let the back. And the hands be parallel to the ground this is the tabletop position then take the hands down the legs remain straight from here bend the legs drop the products and lie down on your back the legs is straight then bring bend both the legs bring them closer to the abdomen from here you will be doing a motion of your legs like cycling so start take the leg up down then the other leg see that.

Your leg is going for straight up and going straight down do this like this for about four or five times then again take both the legs closer to the abdomen and start in a reverse manner now the leg is going from down up again see that the legs are going from straight down as much high up as possible then you relax again bring the legs closer you don’t do the practice just here you may pull up pull down. And then bend or the other ways pull down pull up. And then Bend then you drop the legs down and start sitting up.

And then standing up head closer to the knee then come to the tabletop position then come up to the hip hinge position sit in the back let the hands come behind. And come back to Namaskar position can combine this practice with power yoga abs technique 10.

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