How To Manifest Your Dream Home Community

Hi there it’s general right now I am posting today from Y board beach actually I’m right in the middle of Wiberg Beach in Egypt Beach there’s the swanky Maidstone Club behind me it’s one of the swankiest I don’t know private clubs in the Hamptons so today I’m going for a walk I just walking running kind of and wanted to share with you how I created my dream life I grew up in Pennsylvania and like the middle of nowhere ish lots of farmland lots of Amish people and I just kind of always knew that it wasn’t the perfect location for me and I moved to New York City after college and even after living in the city for years I knew that it wasn’t the right location for me and so one day I decided to get really really clear about where I wanted to live and what I wanted that to feel like and. So I imagined a small town that kind of like the small town in Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow which isn’t actually real I wanted that small sense of community I wanted a beautiful location beautiful homes I want to live in a beautiful home one day when I’m at the point where I want to buy a house and I was like you know what what the heck I’ve always wanted to live at the beach I want to live at the beach I want to live like a beach girl and have the beach either next to my house or down the road from my house and. So I set that as my intention of what I wanted to bring into my life I wanted to bring it into my life this beautiful community a beautiful town beautiful neighborhoods and why not how about some beautiful beaches too and. So the way that I brought this into reality was I started to generate those feelings on a daily basis of what that community would feel like what do I want my home to feel like what do.

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I want it to feel like to be able to run to the beach or ride my bicycle to the beach every single day, if I wanted to what does it like to live in a community like that and next thing you know I’m starting to look into Karlsson. And I’m like I’m Charles it would be a beautiful place to live maybe I’ll like transfer my job there for a period of time and then, if I don’t like it it’s not what I thought that it would be I’ll move back to New York and I’ll come back to my old job well I started sharing with people like all I think I’m gonna move to Charleston I think I’m gonna move to Charleston I think I’m gonna take a little break. And head to Charleston for a couple months. And then one of my co-workers at the time was like no no no no no why would you do that why don’t you come out to East Hampton work for us out there at our business out here and you’ll love it East Hampton is beautiful and I thought you know what it’s not a bad idea I’ll just take a little sabbatical to the Hamptons for about six months and see how it goes and six months later after I you know started living in East Hampton fell in love with it fell in love with my apartment here fell in love with living so close to this very beach that we’re walking on today and three years later I’m still here. And it’s it really truly is amazing. So the way to bring your dream life into reality or to bring maybe you’re looking for a new place to live a new place to settle down or set your roots or looking for a community that you really love. And you really want to be a part of for a while what you have to do is number one get clear about what that community looks like don’t necessarily find and pinpoint a place on the map.

But think about, if you are actually living in that place what would it feel like what would my day-to-day life be like what are the things that I would see how would I feel waking up every single day where would I go in the morning what what I do. And then once you have that kind of clarity clarity of energy the energy of what that community would be like then I want you to start to talk about it start to tell people you know hey I have this dream of living sorry I have like salt in my eyes from running um I have this dream to have the save of community. And I’m gonna find it. And then start to explore get out there and explore and check out new towels go on little mini vacations go on weekend trips tell your friends tell your coworkers. And you never ever ever know who is going to say what or what is going to fall in your lap but, if you are energetically pulling in that energy you’re gonna pull in that community to you. Because you are a magnet the more that you radiate this energy the more that you pull that what you desire or you want to feel into your life so where do you want to live what do you want your community to feel like do you want to live in a beautiful beach community that also doubles as a Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls which is a totally fake place. But I swear that I live in a Stars Hollow Beach community in the Hamptons where do you want to live tell me in the comments I really want to know I want to hear about your dream community about your dream life what you desire, if you liked this post give it a thumbs up please subscribe to my youtube blog Monday’s I put out yoga posts, if you want to move your body start to feel good that’s the first step is to feel good in your body raise your energy raise your vibration vibration second Wednesday’s all about life. So this is an example of a life post so new posts on Wednesday all about life maybe film runs in the morning and Fridays, if you’re a yoga teacher or you’re in the fitness business I post posts about social media for business or the business of yoga. And you can also follow me on periscope.

Because Friday I broadcast live on periscope so please subscribe to this blog you’ll get all those yummy posts and let’s manifest a beautiful location for you till they have a beautiful community for you to be a part of and where you can enjoy your life and thrive every single day okay sounds great enjoy your day I’m gonna continue on my walk oh the tides coming in and I’ll talk to you Friday bye.

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