How to Set and Plan Weight Loss Goals

Setting Powerful Goals in Four Easy Steps Step

#1: Be specific. You have to have a clear, specific TARGET, with daily steps and a deadline to achieve it by.
• How many pounds do you want to lose?
• What do you want your waist size to be?
• What does your ideal physique look like?
• When you think about the perfect version of you, what do you look like?
• What size is your booty?
• What do you want to look like?
• What is your ideal weight and body fat percentage?
• What will it feel like to walk around with that hot body and round booty?
• What will you feel like in this new body?

You see, your current goal of “I want a booty” is weak, boring, and vague. What is it going to take to get that booty? How much do you need to weigh to make that booty pop? What should your waist and hip size be? What should your body fat percentage be? Do you see why “I want a booty” isn’t enough information to make your mind DTW to achieve it?

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This is why you don’t have it. Instead, this weak goal should look more like this: “I am defined, 115 pounds, with a 25-inch waist.” See the difference? Now each one of you has a slightly different height and build, but when you are lean, your weight and circumference measurements aren’t very far apart. There are literally just a few pounds’ difference and maybe an inch or two here or there. So let me give you some hacks.

Typically, women look their BEST when they are around 11-13% body fat. Some of you blessed ladies can get away with being a little higher and look really good, but for the most part in my experience, 13% or less is the magic number of looking AMAZING – like sexy AF amazing! I say 13% off of an InBody 570 body fat analyzer such as the one we have at my gym or the DEXA Scan. You can find both of these in most major cities. Some supplement stores have the InBody body fat analyzers.

Do a Google search and look for body fat testing places if you want REAL numbers. The old pinch test isn’t as accurate or detailed, but it can give you an idea if it’s done very thoroughly and by the same person each time. Let’s pretend you’re at 13% body fat and I’ll give you an idea of what you should weigh.

Now if you are blessed with REALLY good booty genes, you can add a couple more pounds. But for the average woman, these are going to be pretty accurate. There are some of you who may be really tall with a slim build but may need to weigh as much as someone much shorter. For example, you could be 5’-8” and a really ripped 115-120 pounds.

But being that I don’t know you yet, nor have I seen your build, I’m just going to throw out some guidelines. If you have questions, find me on social media (links in the footer of this page) and message me. I’ll gladly tell you what I think you should be based off of your build. But like I said, this will pretty much cover 99% of you.

Height Weight Range 4’-10” to 5’-0” 90-105 pounds 5’-1” to 5’-2” 95-112 pounds 5’-3” to 5’-5” 110-125 pounds 5’-6” to 5’-8” 115-140 pounds 5’-9 to 6’-0” 125-150 pounds Now, for the average American female who is 5’-3” and 168 pounds, you may be thinking, “WTF? How am I going to ever weigh less than 125 pounds?” Am I right? Yeah, I know you are. You’ve failed numerous times before and lack the belief that it is possible. But remember what we just talked about with your beliefs?

What you’re feeling right now is what you need to FIX. Yes, you can! Tons of women have achieved this before you and TONS MORE will continue to. Just follow the PLAN! You didn’t have the right plan or mindset in the past. Now you DO! Do exactly like I am telling you and you WILL get it. Now, you may not end up at say 110 pounds. You may be like 112 pounds and look outstanding! But you still want to set goals that scare the shit out of you. These are goals that will make you WORK! These feelings you are experiencing just thinking about this are signs of your current belief system, so recognize what’s going on and FIX IT.

Now you have all the numbers to set targets for your goals. Next, pick a date 90 days out, 120 days out, and set a deadline. Now if you are heavier, I would set a goal for losing two pounds a week. If you are 168 pounds and should be around 110 pounds, you need to lose about 58 pounds, so divide this by 2 and you’ll get an estimated timeline, which would be 28 weeks, so basically about seven months.
Most of you will crush it and do it in four to five months; for some of you, it may take seven months or longer depending on your EFFORT. Did you see what I just wrote? “Depending on your EFFORT.” Your results are 100% dependent on your effort! Want faster results? WORK FUCKING HARDER! Do it on your mind, in the gym, and in the kitchen. Some of you are leaner and only need a 90-day goal and a one pound a week timeline, so start with that. Figure out the date, get your goal stats, and set the goal. For example: “I am defıned, 115 pounds, with a 25-inch waist, with 13% body fat, and a 35-inch booty by [date].”

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