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Welcome to their own yoga many of you sit and meditate often I hope in order to get more clarity in the mind in order to get some peace of mind that’s wonderful when we sit to meditate most of the time we allow thoughts to come and go we’re allowing conditioning to start to lose its power we uncondition our mind, if to begin with our mind was less conditioned or, if we had a bit of less mind stuff happening then there would be less to clean up it’s kind of like in the house, if it doesn’t get so dirty there’s less to clean so how do we mean attaining a mind clearer and ready to go without too much chatter without too much mind stuff there are a few things. And we’ll look today at how to have mind maintenance first thing pretty easy TV the TV is on all the time we’re constantly getting information, if the radio is on along the time we’re constituting either information or maybe even use or even, if it’s just music we may be distracted.

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If we’re trying to do something else. So, if you have it to be open make sure you’re reading the TV you’re fully focused on it. And you’re seeing what you want to see same with the radio try not to use the radio is just a distraction as a filler but, if you are listening listen attentively when you’re not listening turn it off it gets even more complicated when we go and open our computers when we look at the way the web is an amazing tool and yet there’s so many options for distractions so many options to fill our minds with stuff we do not need I like to take a moment before I even go and open my computer to just sit and set an intention to remind myself what is it that I’m about to be doing. So that as I open the computer I go ahead and I am ready to take the tasks that I planned on doing and focus on it there’s always advertisements there’s always going to be other pop ups and extra email and extra Facebook an extra Skype and extra message can you focus on what you need to focus and, if there is something that you need to address address it. But not be scattered. So that you don’t fill up your mind with information with things that you do not need may be listening less to less news is also a good idea know what’s going on in the world.

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