King Pigeon Pose Yoga

It is an ode to the guru, and also a tool to bring clarity to the self through the heart by virtue of the chanting.King Pigeon Pose Yoga We checked in to a double room and awoke a few hours later at 4:00 A.M. to walk through the darkness to reach the temple. When we entered the central corridor, the sweet smell of cardamom and warmed milk from the chai, spiced black tea, wakened our senses. After a quick cup, we found a seat on the floor in the large carpeted auditorium.King Pigeon Pose Yoga At the front of the room was the empty seat of the guru with a large photo above it; the sweet face of Swami Muktananda smiled down upon us. He was dressed in saffron-colored robes, which signified that he was a swami or religious teacher.

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