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In a modern context we could divide the supernatural powers of yoga into the following two groups: (1) para-psychological (for instance mind reading, knowledge about past and future) and (2) para-physical (for instance omnipresence, invisibility, flying). The possibility of para-physical powers most psychologists would disagree with today. They would be seen as a product of the yogi’s imagination: a meditative hallucination. On the other hand we could analyse some of these extraordinary powers as capabilities resulting from hypnotic trance. We know how people in hypnotic trance are able to endure pain levels that they would normally not tolerate. People put into a hypnotic trance and people in yogic trance are renowned for accomplishments like walking on burning coal, having needles penetrating the tongue, lying on nails, hanging in the air only supported by the neck and ankles and other astonishing things that people in a normal state of consciousness cannot do. In this way we could see some of the para-physical powers of siddhi as an effect of hypnotic trance.252

The other category of the siddhis – the para-psychological accomplishments – would today have adherents; some of these powers cannot be excluded a priori. Some of them could maybe even be explained within Western scientific paradigms (Sarbacker 2012). In any case, that would be for more social-psychological experiment.

Modification: You may bring your forearm to your thigh instead Kundalini yoga poses weight loss of taking your hand to the floor. If your body is not ready and you reach Kundalini yoga poses weight loss towards the floor, the position of the torso is compromised because your chest will be facing the floor instead of staying open. Move your legs apart, wider than your shoulders with feet facing forward and spread your arms straight out to the side. Then, leaning to one side, reach down to the floor, placing your hand behind your foot. The foot you come down to should point to the short end of the mat instead of the long side to give better balance. The other arm should be reaching up toward the ceiling, and you will want to be looking up. Your torso, leg, and arm touching the floor should create a triangle if seen from the front or back. The triangle posture will engage every part of your body and help you strengthen your core, open up your hips and shoulders as well as stretch your legs.

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