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Mind Your Booty Would you like to know why you have failed in the past? Would you like to know why you have self-sabotaged and gained the body fat back? Would you like to learn why you aren’t where you want to be? Great, because I’m about to give you a few reasons why and give you the solutions to fix it! Now before we begin with the nutrition, fat loss tips, tricks, and training, we must first discuss the most important element of your results: YOUR MIND.

I already started to change your perspective a minute ago when I explained how much EFFORT it’s going to take. That was intentional. This body is going to take work, but what you may not realize is this is going to take more MENTAL WORK than physical work. Yep, you read that right. This journey of getting a booty and a hot, sexy body is mostly a MENTAL FEAT. You see, there are many reasons why you have failed over and over in the past, and they all have one thing in common: your HEAD.

Your mindset, your beliefs, and your thoughts create your actions, which lead to your results. Most of you have shitty mindsets, shitty beliefs, and shitty thoughts about your body, nutrition and fitness. All of these lead to your poor actions, poor choices, and continual failures. For example, you may lack belief in yourself that it is possible, or possible for you to ever get. If You do believe this, you won’t put in the effort, commit fully to the nutrition, the workouts, or push yourself as hard as you need in order to get results. In turn, it means you WON’T succeed and it was all in your head. You failed before you even began.

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Or, you may have the wrong self-image imprinted in your mind. This is a huge reason you have failed in the past. (We will discuss what this means in a moment.) Or, you didn’t set clear enough goals to give your mind a specifıc target to aim for. This is also a big reason you have failed in the past. You didn’t WRITE DOWN what you wanted specifically, so your brain didn’t have a target to aim for. Or, you constantly say and think “I AM” fat/lazy/weak/undisciplined.

The words I AM is a COMMAND, so whatever follows that becomes what you create. Don’t worry, we’re going to fix this. On top of this, you are going to have days you don’t feel like training. You must do it anyway. You are going to be surrounded by highly addictive foods that will sabotage your efforts every single day for the REST of your life. Every single day! So what can you do about this? You need to discipline yourself to do what’s right! You are going to have to push your limits constantly.

Continuous improvement requires constant pushing your limits. You are going to have times that life is going to get in the way and you are going to have to suck it up and DBW (Do The Booty Work) anyway. Yes, I just made that up! That’s going to be OUR mantra for this book! Boom! #DTBW! Use that on social media! Success comes from your FOCUS and EFFORT, your mental toughness, and your mindset to overcome your challenges. These are all MENTAL things that we must tackle and reprogram in order for you to actually GET THIS BOOTY and body, so let’s discuss some of these.

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