This posture is a real test of willpower. Use the deep muscles of the core to support this asana and find equilibrium…and challenge yourself to smile!

From seated, lift the legs up 45 degrees from the floor with the toes pointed so that your body forms a V-shape. The legs remain together with knees and ankles touching.

Extend the arms alongside the legs, palms facing inwards.

Stay here for 5 breaths and then cross the ankles and draw the legs in, placing the hands beside the hips for a small lift. From here, you can either complete a vinyasa, or move straight into the next boat.

Repeat until you have practised five boats, then follow up with upwards dog or a back bend to stretch out the front of the body. This releases the abdominal muscles, keeping them supple.

For a modified pose, bend the knees so the calves are parallel to the floor, or for an extra challenge, raise the arms above the head.

Shaking is entirely normal – it’s just a sign that your body is working hard.

Be careful not to take too much strain into the lower back.


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