Nutritionist Or Registered Dietitian What’S The Difference?


The word “nutritionist” doesn’t have standards attached to it that are regulated. The title for an actual bona fide nutrition pro is “registered dietitian. ?

4. What is the source of the information? Did the person create it or borrow it from another site?

5. Check the date to make sure the information is current.

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Information on health is continually changing.

6. Is there a scientific basis for the informationor are we talking about gut feelings and anecdotes (personal stories and/or testimonies) being passed along? These aren’t reliable.

7. What is the purpose of the site? It should include a “mission statement”or “About this site”that includes its purpose.

8. Is somebody trying to sell you something? The sites you rely on should be well established or else run by the governmentand not set up for commercial purposes.

9. Don’t give out any personal information about yourself to an Internet site without your parent working with you. And even with your parent involved, be sure why you are being asked for personal information about yourself before giving it.

10. Share the information gathered with your health care professional and make sure he or she is aware of the sources for it.


Check out safety tips on KidsHealth: www.kidshealth. Org/teen/safety or go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website:

Sexual predators often try to target unsuspecting kids on the Internet, including on social networking sites. Don’t chat, email, IM, blog, or communicate in any way with someone who isn’t personally known and trusted by you and your parent. Suspicious/unlawful online activity should be reported to the police or the NCMEC CyberTipline:

Your heart is a beautiful, powerful little pump made of muscle that pumps and pumps. And pumps.

Think of it: Some hearts pump nonstop for over a hundred years.

Your heart pushes blood throughout your body in tubes called blood vessels: veins and arteries. Blood vessels are flexible so they can accommodate the different levels of pressure that occur as your heart beats and pushes blood through them.

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