Plantar Flexion Using Your Results

Plantar Flexion Using Your Results

How did you score? Do your scores for the flexibility tests surprise you? Are you satisfied with your current ratings?

If you’re not satisfied, set a realistic goal for improvement:

Are you satisfied with your current level of flexibility as expressed in your daily life for example, your ability to maintain good posture and move easily and without pain?

If you’re not satisfied, set some realistic goals for improvement:

What should you do next? Enter the results of this lab in the Preprogram Assessment column in Appendix C. If you’ve set goals for improvement, begin planning your flexibility program by completing the plan in Lab 5.2. After several weeks of your program, complete this lab again and enter the results in the Post-program Assessment column of Appendix C. How do the results compare?

Creating a Personalized Program for Developing Flexibility

Goals. List goals for your flexibility program. On the left, include specific, measurable goals that you can use to track the progress of your fitness program. These goals might be things like raising your sit-and-reach score from fair to good or your bent-leg hip flexion rating from below average to average. On the right, include long-term and more qualitative goals, such as reducing your risk for back pain.

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Specific Goals: Current Status

Final Goals

Other Goals:

2. Exercises. The exercises in the program plan below are from the general stretching program presented in Chapter 5. You can add or delete exercises depending on your needs, goals, and preferences. For any exercises you add, fill in the areas of the body affected.

3. Frequency. A minimum frequency of two-three days per week is recommended; five-seven days per week is ideal. You may want to do your stretching exercises the same days you plan to do cardiorespiratory endurance exercise or weight training because muscles stretch better following exercise, when they are warm.

4. Intensity. All stretches should be done to the point of mild discomfort, not pain.

5. Time/duration. All stretches should be held for 15-30 seconds. (PNF techniques should include a 6-second contraction followed by a 10-30-second assisted stretch.) All stretches should be performed 2-4 times.

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