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Poses Of Yoga

Shifting the importance we place on money I appreciate that the world we currently live in does require us to have money in order to survive, however we can change our attitude towards it. A wonderful practice to shift the way we view money is gratitude.

Every time you pay for something whether it’s a cup of coffee, a massage or even paying the rent, when you hand over the money, write the cheque, or click the send button to confirm payment, say ‘thank you’ internally. Say ‘thank you for this money that enables me to have this coffee’…’this massage’ or this lovely home I live in.’

Taking it a step further, when the money leaves you and goes to the other, wish that it serves them well and that it supports them in their happiness and fulfilment.

When we change the way we feel about money by practising gratitude, we no longer feel like we are losing something but instead we re passing the energy on, exchanging it, circulating it, and trusting that in its own way, it will return back to us in another form. By doing this, our fear around money lessens and a natural sense of trust and even connectivity can arise. We realise we are all interconnected, always giving and receiving from one another.

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Redefining money

When we recognise how money moves as an energy between us. we notice that it isn’t money that makes the world go round, it’s people. It is through our skills, talents and generosity that money and energy circulates around the world. The company Patagonia is a wonderful example of money as reciprocation. They produce ecologically sustainable high quality products for outdoor adventurers with a percentage of their profits going towards protecting the wilderness of Patagonia in Chile as well as giving money directly to environmental conservationists.

Changing our perspective of money

How much power we give money is our own choice and that is hugely empowering. If we worry about it – and we all do – all we are focusing on is lack, scarcity and not enough, and the picture of that reality is riddled with fear, anxiety and hopelessness. When we take the perspective of trust, creativity, connectivity and engagement with money, our reality becomes one of collaboration and partnership.

Our intentions are so powerful and through them we can create abundance, which is readily available to us all. If you need money for something, connect to the feeling you would have if you received the amount you needed. Perhaps you want to go on a retreat but can’t afford it. Imagine yourself at the retreat and feel how wonderful it is to be taking care of yourself. See the energy that you emit as you become rejuvenated and notice how it positively affects those around you.

In taking care of yourself you are naturally being of service to others simply by sharing your wonderful energy. Thank the money that you need in order for this to happen, for this experience and exchange to take place.

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