Power Yoga Exercise to Tone Hands

Namaskar I’m David that and welcome to Anand over Power Yoga for hands Power Yoga is a complete body workout it focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body power yoga for hands will not only strengthen the muscles of your hands. But also in the joints of your hands it will focus on your biceps triceps deltoids. And also the joints of your hands power yoga hands technique 10 we start off with Surya Namaskar position 1 take the hands up and back then come to the hip hinge position see that your knees are not going too much beyond your doors then come to the tabletop position the back. And the hands parallel to the ground go down.

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And take one leg back. And come to the lunge pose hook up from here the downward facing dog to go back have a wonderful stretch now from the downward facing dog just slowly drop the elbows down and from here is shift your weight towards the hands by pushing the buttons down. And then finally going from the toes shifting it forward and again going slowly back and again forward and back once more forward and back like this.

You can do it starting with five counts and slowly build your capacity and last time forward back. And you come to the downward facing dog from Ronald facing you come to a lunge pose take one leg forward would the legs forward can maintain in this pose for a longer time. Because it allows your hands to relax. And also good stretch for your calf hamstring. And the back then come up to tabletop hip hinge. And come out and have wonderful backward bend and relax this practice works on your shoulder joints. And the muscles of your arms you.

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