Power Yoga To Get Toned Legs

Namaskar I am baby that and welcome to Anand over power yoga for legs Power Yoga is a complete body workout which helps you to improve your strength stamina flexibility and total body fitness Power Yoga for legs focuses on strengthening and toning of your leg muscles which includes calf hamstring and quadriceps at the same time it also helps you strengthen your leg joints like the ankles knees. And the hip joint power yoga legs technique 6 you start with the pseudonym scar position then take the numbers car up and back enjoy this wonderful backward bed come to the hip hinge position see that the knees are not going beyond the toes now the tabletop position good from here you go down and have a wonderful forward bend having the stretch for the car hamstring. And the back then the lunge position take one leg back look up the knee is not touching on the ground from here slowly raise your body up the feet is flat on the ground the slide your legs are bent in such a way that the hamstring is nearly parallel to the ground. And now extend your hands sideways.

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And expand the chest. And enjoy this expansion of the chest the same time feel the stretch for the back leg the workout on the drawings as well as the muscles of the front leg. And the back leg then from here again slowly go down. And come to the lunge position downward facing dog should help you to stretch the legs. And also relax the legs a little bit and from your take the other leg forward. And come back to the lunge position from lunch you do the warrior pose and extend the hands maintain 45 counts with practice stick it took 10. And you can do it even more then come back to the lunge position when you’re in lunge position you’re on the tools when you go to the warrior position you press the feet flat. And the Heat’s on the ground then come back to the forward bend enjoy the stretch cough hamstring back then the tabletop then come to the hip hinge how the backward Bend. And come out and relax this practice will not only help you to strengthen the leg muscles. And the leg joints. But it also helped them to get flexible.

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