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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an ambivert pranayama Brown is your breath or vital force and I am has various meanings to control to pause to lengthen so problem is just controlled breathing in hot apathy.

Because it is written chilly what the Chilam system initial initial empathy which means when your breath wanders your mind is unstable. And when you breath this steady your mind is calm this is the basic benefit of perineum apart from this problem gives you a lot of benefits it increases the oxygen level in your body it improves the functions of the organs the functions of your systems and many many more benefits just practice it and feel the difference sahaja Italy prana it is an easier version of traditional shittily prana in this problem you’re inhaling through mouth and exhaling through nose.

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But the tongue is taken out and formed in a pipe shape this pranayam helps to cool down your body your mind it purifies your blood and wonderful practice for people suffering from acidity problem so first you take the tongue out roll it into pipe putting the tongue out about a centimetre out. And it’s rolled in the pie. And it’s touching your lower lip as well as the upper lip now close your eyes and start inhaling through this tube after inhalation you take the tongue in close the mouth and exhale through nose very slow after complete exhalation again take the tongue out and start inhaling three load through to the tube to complete inhalation close them up exhale through nose one in the nation and one acceleration is one round again after complete exhalation take the tongue out. And then take the tongue again close them out and exceed. And then relax just feel the effect on the body immediately you can feel the coolness in your body, if you are finding this Brown am difficult then you can go for sahaja carry prana which gives the similar benefits of cooling down the body can start with this plan I’m for about five rounds slowly take it up to 10. And you can even take it up to 20 to 25 in the summer season.

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