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Namaskar I’m David at and welcome to one in the world pranayama Brown is your breath or vital force and I am has various meanings to control to pause to lengthen so prana is just controlled breathing and hatta Pratibha car it is written chili wat hlm system initially initially methane which means when your breath wanders the mind is unstable. And we will regret this steady your mind is calm this is the basic benefit of prana apart from this pan gives you a lot of benefits it increases the oxygen level in your body it improves the functions of the organs the functions of your systems and many many more benefits just practice it and feel the difference on the long William Brown on this run I am is also known as nadi should be paranoid as it cleans the Nadi’s noddies are the energy pathway and once the energy pathway is clean here the energy can freely flow throughout the body once the energy flows throughout the body all those parts which are not functioning properly or has some problem becomes healthy and starts functioning properly.

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So In this plan I am you are first setting in normal cross leg position out of the padm Asana or for the muscle both the palms are on the DS you should have the mini mudra with the right hand then you close the eyes and start inhaling through left nostril of course with the mula bandha the analog on that it means you first have the analog start inhaling through left then close both the nostril to the Jalandhar bandha doodie oodie unbundle have the comeback after maintaining the goombah as per your capacity you release the jalander bandha do beyond Munda. And the ants along the moon when they still on start exhaling from opposite as you’re exhaling you Dion when they get released automatically. But the mole when they are still intact after exhaling from right you start inhaling from right again the same process Verlander when the would Yun when the come back then open the Jalandhar when the exhale through left keeping the mula bandha intact and finally after exhaling completing the one round can release the mula bandha so should we demonstrate.

So first she sets straight at the back erect now have the Emily mudra have the mula bandha that is the anise lock pulling in the lower abdomen in now close the right nostril with the thumb your eyes are closed and start inhaling through left such that the shoulders go up. And then slowly the chest starts expanding after taking full air in you close both the nostril do the jalander window that is the chin lock do the kudiye and wonder that is a diaphragm lock the mula bandha is still on you maintain a spare capacity in this comeback state when you feel like coming out keep the bulb under. And the Audion bundle in fact just release the Jalandhar bandha release the right nostril and start exhaling through right in this the chest force contracts and finally the shoulders come down the mula bandha is still on you beyond wonder gets released automatically then start inhaling through right the shoulders go up first then the chest starts expanding closer right again the khumba so jalander mandir Odeon wonder the moolband they still on maintain a spare capacity then slowly release Jolanda bunda to exile from opposite that is the left so release the left nostril and start exhaling the Odeon when they get released automatically after exhalation drop the hand out. And then release the mula bandha this is one round of unalloyed balloon, if you want to do more rounds the breathing pattern remains the same move when the one’s applied remains till the end with practice try to have the ratio of 1 is to 4 is to 2 that is, if you are taking 1 count for inhalation to maintain 4 counts. And you take two counts for exhalation. But it will only happen with practice you.

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Sorry a power activation breathing first-first Rica pranayama various and one take position in finger open our finger flows in out in our moment and breath should be coordinated inhale exhale equal after 10 to 15 round relax and watch yourself read now be ready for second variation the Strika pranayama this time in and hands our finger open exhale finger closed same way inhale exhale should be equal in after several drown relax in sukh Asana and watch your breath now third variation of a strike a pranayama without hand moment this time just inhale and exhale patrika Sadri like chest breathing.

So you may practice all three pranayams two to three times and after each round just watch your breath long deep inhalation exhalation just relax No second cranium cap Almaty is also good for activation yours surya Shakti so first inhale pull your belly while axle for Saline belly contract focus on x-rays on this time after finishing round just watch your prayer failed relaxation sit in sukh Asana or EG bows and was set up right here just incoming breath has incoming and outgoing dread as outgoing breath now be ready for three baby prana on son activation breathing left hand remaining Gyan mudra.

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