Regaining Balance In Holiday Disasters


Perhaps your suitcase isn't on the plane, you lose your passport, belongings are stolen, the hotel is only half built…. The mind typically catastrophises about circumstances and a process of shutting down begins in which awareness narrows and the sense of lightness is lost. Before long, humour evaporates and hopelessness descends. It's so unfair, why is this happening to me?

Be curious, check in to how you feel (see the breathing space meditation) and smile your Mona Lisa smile.

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It's not because you are happy, it's because it releases the heaviness. Fortunately, just as changing moods are reflected in the way the body feels, so changing the feelings in the body changes moods. We know this instinctively – just remember the impact a cuddle can make. Witness with wry humour how easily the mind becomes heavy and congratulate yourself for re-establishing your Mindfulness building blocks; curiosity, humour and lightness.

If opportunity allows, a short yoga practice is really helpful too. Now you will have more balance and will be better able to respond to whatever has happened, however trivial or serious.

Reconnecting with our lost lives.

The break a holiday gives us can offer us the opportunity to see old patterns of behaviour away from the familiar routines that support and sustain them. By resisting the temptation to re-create these routines on holiday we can instead explore new perspectives not only in the physical landscape but also our mental one. Using Mindfulness to bring us into each moment and finally be ourselves on holiday is a memento we would all benefit bringing back home.

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