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However most of these discourses were male macho cultures creating steel-like sculptures of will and power. These male ideals were mainly for men being trained in the military or in private gymnasiums, but not really designed for women. Initially this was not much of a problem because for most women physical exercise was out of their reach. Their situation did not allow them such luxuries. Further what should women, who were intended for motherhood, do with such a masculine body and resolute character anyway?

The impetus for a female body culture emerged in other milieus. From the middle of the 19 century new techniques and principles related to dramatic expression within modernist theatre, dance and singing developed. These new techniques were of course influenced by the prevailing male discourses of body culture and fitness. But being rooted in art, drama and entertainment, they took most of the male aggressive components out of the physical culture drills and developed instead exercises and programmes aiming for pose, grace, flexibility and health, according to Singleton. The French teacher of acting and singing F. Delsarte (1811-71) developed his Delsarte System, which spread rapidly across the West. These new ideals seemed to fit much better into the mind-set of women and the cultural elites of the bourgeoisie and middle classes.

In fact, meditation can and does involve all of these. Scorpion Pose Yoga But, moreover, meditation can be initiated by simply assuming a comfortable seated posture. This gesture, or posture, forms the literal base on which the focused inquiry of meditation ultimately rests and depends.Scorpion Pose Yoga Meditation, or dhyana, is the second to last limb of Raja Yoga. In this context, the essence of meditation is explained best in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: Yoga consists in the intentional stopping of the spontaneous activity of the mind stuff. Or The mind is compared to the surface of a lake ruffled by the wind. And thus the purpose of yoga is to cause the wind to subside and allow the waters to return to stillness. When the wind blows, the waves break and distort the reflections so that they can be seen only as a broken image.

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