Self-Inquiry Meditation

Kap otasana pigeon pose Kapota means pigeon/ This is a more advanced back-bend that imitates the shape'of the pigeon. Self-Inquiry Meditation It tones the entire spine through circulating blood around the spinal column, opens the chest and pelvis, and strengthens the heart and abdominals. Self-Inquiry Meditation It is essential to master kapotasana before practicing more difficult back-bending postures. Writing about beauty is a challenge for me.

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Not because I don't have an opinion about it, but because I have made a career out of being perceived as beautiful/' I have allowed myself to be a marketing tool and a seller of beautiful things. As a model, it feels narcissistic to even contemplate this.

And as a woman, it is also difficult, as we often allow ourselves to fall victim to societal notions. But yoga has taught me another thing that health and well-being are where true beauty lies in terms of the physical, nothing more and nothing less.

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