Skull Shining Breath

The Buddha once said, Be a lamp unto yourself.Skull Shining Breath This is excellent advice, and worth reminding yourself of frequently as you walk this path.Skull Shining Breath Ustrasana camel pose Most of our daily tasks involve motions that bend the body in a forward direction, stretching the posterior side of the spine. It is rare that we counteract such motions by bending the other way. However, it is very important to stretch the spinal column in a concave movement, as extending the anterior spine helps blood circulation. Performing backbends, in a number of variations of postures, opens the chest and energizes the lungs, deepening breathing and allowing more oxygenated blood to freely circulate throughout the entire body. One of these postures is ustrasana, or camel posture. This posture is called the camel posture because it is said to resemble the shape of the camel.

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