Successful Weight Loss Tips

Successful Weight Loss Tips


For now, just get a feel for the territory.

Understanding daily value is key: Daily value (DV) is the amount of each nutrient (and fiber) an adult would want to shoot for in a day, based on a 2,000-calorie plan. (For the purpose of learning to use food labels, you can pretend to be an adult.) It’s based on percentages. One hundred percent in a day covers it for each category.

When you want to increase a nutrient or dietary fiber, go for foods with a DV of 20 percent or higher per serving.

When you want to limit somethinglike saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodiumgo for foods that have 5 percent or less DV per serving.

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Five chips, ten chips, two cookies, twenty fish crackers?

It depends!

Check out the serving sizes and servings per container at the top of the label. But note that the serving size on a nutrition facts label may not be the same as a serving size in The Cactus Plan. For example, The Cactus Plan counts half a cup of cooked pasta as a servingbut a nutrition facts label may count one cup of pasta as a serving.

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